Wednesday 13 November 2019
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What She Said! with Christine Bentley & Kate Wheeler
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A Trio of What She Said Tea – Enter to Win!

tea contest



Choose 3 types of tea from our very own “What She Said Tea Collection” created for us by Tease Tea, and receive a prize package of 100g tins to enjoy from morning to night!

Our teas can also be purchased anytime. See the right hand side of our web pages for pictures of each blend and the shopping cart. Also, 5% of sales goes towards forwarding a different women’s charity every month, that’s why we call it our Chari-tea!

Which 3 will you chose?

citrus sunriseCitrus Sunrise

High in caffeine content, this simple yet elegant blend of oolong tea with subtle hints of citrus/orange offers the perfect brew to wake up to. Experience classic luxury in cup, with every sip. 

Afternoon Delightpickmeup

A perfect alternative to that 2pm coffee to ‘keep you going’. Indulge in this afternoon tea inspired blend that pairs wonderfully with lunch or some sweet treats. Ingredients: Black tea, chai spices, rose and hints of dark chocolate intertwine creating the ultimate decadent indulgence.

windmedownPick me up

A full bodied pick-me-up. Roasting Mate creates a deep, rich experience with the similar taste profile of coffee but with many more benefits such as sharper focus, increased energy, boosted metabolism and suppressing hunger. Blended with a hint of oolong, fruit and vanilla for a pleasurable experience with every sip.

Wind me downafternoon delight

A visually stunning, rich blend of rooibos, cacao & rose. The perfect herbal mix for unwinding and settling into a peaceful evening and restful sleep. Benefits include easing stomach issues & relieving skin conditions such as dryness, eczema & psoriasis.



Enter today!

  • Send an email to, with “tea” in the subject line.

  • Tell us which 3 teas you would like!

  • Don’t forget to include your mailing address.

  • You must be a What She Said subscriber to win…so what are you waiting for???


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