Sunday 20 October 2019
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What She Said! with Christine Bentley & Kate Wheeler
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Learn from the experts – How to build your business online! – by Vivek Raj Shivhare


If you are just starting off online or if you are someone who wants to learn some tricks on how to boost your online presence, we have good news for you. From people who require serious hand holding with the fast paced internet applications and social networks to small business owners, individuals and students who want to learn how and what needs to be done online in order to achieve desired results — we have training programs for all.

For the first time in the internet marketing space, VOOFA Networks is taking the initiative to create a database of strategic information that will help people to learn about sales, marketing, personal development and finances. “From one on one coaching to take home study course and live bootcamp events, our mission is to make you successful in whatever you choose as your passion… we want you to thrive NOT survive!” said the the Founder, CEO Vivek Raj Shivhare of VOOFA Networks.

The challenge for such educational network is to keep updated with the ever changing technological trends. But, VOOFA Networks seems to have an advantage over such challenges as their sister company VOOFA Web Services is a fully functional web service provider. They are in the business of software and system building including web promotions, web design and social media marketing.

It is a WIN-WIN for us! Join this great resourceful network and start learning. Check the website here:

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