Thursday 14 November 2019
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Here is your chance to win a Boomerluxe Box!BOX PHOTO online

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Boomerluxe is a monthly subscription gift box designed for women embracing life after 50!


The monthly subscription gift box was designed for women who will treat themselves and their friends, those who are enjoying the second part of their lives; a time when they are at the height of our career, children have grown to be independent, the house is quiet and they have begun to put themselves first again.

Boomerluxe is the brainchild of high school friends Seana O’Neill and Carla Bosacki, who, in their 50th year realized how their beauty needs, fashion tastes, wellness routines are not in sync with products designed for the ever popular millennial purchaser. So Seana and Carla set out to create their own subscription box filled with hand chosen items that reflect the priorities in their lives and also supports small, independent entrepreneurs whose products may not be found in Shoppers Drug Mart or on Amazon. It is a pay it forward philosophy to help others be successful.

In researching this opportunity, 5 pillar categories that most of their peers and online articles spoke to were: Fashion, Beauty, Sexuality, Wellness and Technology. A Boomerluxe box contains an item from each category every month to be delivered in a pretty branded box that is a pleasure to open and discover its contents.

The first sample boxes were sent out to a wide cross section of fabulous 50+ women in September to get feedback for the November launch. The returned surveys were filled with enthusiasm and wonderful suggestions for items they would love to try. Another common thread is that Boomerluxe will make a great gift to girlfriends or an easy way for a spouse to give once, 3 times or 6 with the bundle options.


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