Saturday 24 August 2019
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The 5 Psychic W’s by Angel Morgan

Many people ask me WHAT it is I do exactly. My answer to that is I talk to spirits and pray I am not crazy!

Actually, I am very fortunate in that I do more than just psychic readings. I’m not your everyday poo bear of a reader. I have been blessed enough to work with Peruvian Shaman who have become my friends and taught me some of the ancient ways. I work with animals and can communicate with them….which to some may seem odd, but if you talk to any child they will tell you how really very easy it is. We’ve all done it, we just don’t do it in awareness.

That’s really what my work is about. Awareness. Knowing that each of us has the ability to connect with spirits in our own way. Nurturing what we call “intuition”, “gut feelings” or “guidance” regardless of what we call it. We are all psychic. It’s not rocket science, or I promise you I wouldn’t be doing it. I’m far to lazy!

I have also had many people ask me HOW I do my work. I listen.  I ask a question then become silent and allow an image, word, sound or thought to occur. I know its not me because it feels different than my own imagination. It takes a bit of practice but with time each reader learns to feel their way through a reading and trust their guides, guardians, angels or whomever of the light they work with. What is real and what is not becomes easy to discern. I am lucky enough to have the most amazing clients that allow me to strengthen my intuitive muscles every day.

Many ask WHY I do what I do. That is the simplest answer of all. To help. I love to watch people grow and flourish and become the best versions of themselves. My ability to read them and their destinies helps to get to the core of what they need in order to propel them into the next leg of their journey whatever that may be.

WHERE I do this is even more fascinating! I can do my work from anywhere. Being able to do healing work from a distance enables me to have human and animals clients globally!!! I can read animals if the owner is present and the animal is not. Animal communicators can aid in lost animal cases, behavioural matters and so much more!

And WHEN it is necessary for my abilities to kick in they do. At times I am led to circumstances in which my spidey senses are turned up high so I can aid in situations, be it an accident that I can send healing to quietly from my car, or a person that needs a word of comfort or guidance from spirit.

I can however, ask my “team” to turn it up or down so I can chill with my family, or have a romantic dinner with my partner without the fear of being accosted by the wondering spirit of our waiter’s great aunt Bessy. 

I won’t lie, I have had really bizarre experiences. I have been pushed by a female spirit who didn’t want me living in her home. Creeped out by phantom words in the tone of a child, “Please don’t go” and have had, what I call uglies, come right up to me and smile with devilish delight. Whatever the scenario this is my life. I accept it, love it, and wouldn’t change it for the world!!!!


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