Thursday 14 November 2019
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What She Said! with Christine Bentley & Kate Wheeler
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ssssh, no seriously, Shut Up & Listen

Are you Guilty of interrupting?

5 ways to up your listening game – from Public Speaking Coach Lauren Ferraro!

  1. Stop talking
    Listen 90% of the time and speak only 10%. Try to track how often you interrupt and ask yourself if you are truly listening. Practice breathing while someone is speaking to you to truly be engaged.
  2. Seriously – Take Notes!
    If you are not an audible learner, give yourself permission to write it down while someone is talking. Just because you’re staring at the person doesn’t mean you’re listening effectively.
  3. Do the Prep.
    If you are going to a meeting having not done your homework, you risk looking unprepared and uninterested. So, set yourself up for success and be completely focused on the other person.
  1. Put Your Phones Down!
    If you truly, truly, truly want to have a successful conversation you will all put your phones away. Leave them off the table. It is a visual distraction that says your mind is elsewhere.
  1. It’s Okay to Phone It In.
    And lastly, pick up the phone and talk to each other or even better, meet and have a face-to-face;  As long as you remember to use tip #4.

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