Friday 22 November 2019
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5 Things to Know and Expect When Starting a New Business (that no one really talks about)

by Marta Correia- Vice-President ORALGEM Hygiene Solutions

Having started a business myself, and currently in the process of developing it, I would like to volunteer a few pointers to remember if you are considering starting your own business.

You need to know there’s more than just money required, to start a business. You need to be informed and prepared for your journey ahead, kind of like a captain does, preparing himself before setting sail and navigating in the ocean. I admit I have learned extensively from this journey and believe there is still a lot more I will learn And even if this has been an extraordinary experience, I would have appreciated to have been given some ”prep tips” on what to expect when starting a business.

These are some recommendations to keep in mind, to become a well-cautioned entrepreneur:

FIRST, you need an idea. A really good idea in which you believe in. In all seriousness, most entrepreneurs start their own business because they believe they can improve an existing one. You need to believe your product/service can improve the world, at least, around you. Do some research and get feedback from people around you.

SECOND, know you will be tested. Your patience, your creativity are main targets when you start a business and you will need lots of both. Remember, it can take a long time before your company becomes successful and recognized. You will need to find ways to sell your product or service. Do not give up when things seem ”slow” or at a halt. Hang in there, envision your business in a year and keep the faith.

THIRD, you need courage and defiance. You need these because a lot of people out there will not believe in you, or in your success. Many will pat you on the back and wish you well but not really lift a finger to lend a hand, or support you. You need to know not to give up or get discouraged in these difficult moments. Because there will be customers who will love your product, buy it and promote it.

FOURTH, you need to be relentless. Never give up no matter how hard things seem at the moment or however discouraging the situation feels or looks. You will need to be your own cheerleader and fight your fight. Remember this: ”When the going gets tough, the tough gets going”, fits an entrepreneur to a T. Some people will even tell you to just give it up. Hang in there and show them you are very far from giving up.

FIFTH, you need to be surrounded by a few good people (family, friends). You really don’t need many. You will need to be able to count on them, talk to them and get stuff off your chest. Do not be shy to ask for help when you need. Regardless what it’s for: helping with packaging, moving stuff around, volunteer some time to help you give away samples, pamphlets, sell your products (at a market, convention, etc.). Sometimes, these people will give you wonderful and much needed support when you least expect it.

With these 5 suggestions in mind, I believe you will have a head start when you will create your own business.


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