Tuesday 12 November 2019
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A Short Stay In The Big City – Road Trip, Stop One / by Alexandra Beaton


Message from a Mom

A few months ago my daughter mentioned she wanted to start a blog.
In this day of image driven social media I said..why not a Vlog?
“That’s just not me” said Alexandra.
Last night a link to BeatonandCo arrived in my messages – a fait accompli – I, with decades of journalism under my belt, was not asked for an iota’s worth of input.
I started to read and laugh as I saw the world through Alex’s eyes.
I was charmed and proud that in a world of selfie’s and bee stung lips my daughter’s blog is authentic and informative content, and that it is a vision realized all on her own makes it that much sweeter for this mum.
I hope you enjoy it and share with the young women in your life.
Vlog Shmog! – Alex, It is a wise woman who knows herself.FullSizeRender

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