Thursday 14 November 2019
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Alessia Cohle, Canadian Country Music Singer-Songwriter


A Mississauga native, Alessia Cohle is a multi-talented country singer-songwriter, recording artist and performer currently breaking into Canada’s country music scene. Cohle first began capturing the hearts of rcountry music fans with her breakthrough single, Sunday Shoes, which has since gained radio play on country music stations across Canada. On November 8, her FACTOR funded sophomore album, Talk To Me, is set to release, with an album launch party on November 15 in Toronto at Lula lounge (1585 Dundas Street West) at 7:00 pm. Having co-written nine of the eleven tracks on the album, it’s a true reflection of Cohle’s evolution in country music. Talk To Me is a fresh new country-pop album, with themes of love, heartache, and self-discovery from Cohle’s influences in Motown, soul, and rock music, connecting with music lovers of all genres.

Artist Quote:

“I’m really excited for this album as it is a total reflection of who I am today as an artist, with influences of the music I grew up listening to and performing. Each song is a representation of myself, and has elements of my truth in each of the song lyrics.

When writing the title track, Talk To Me, with Adam Searan and Douglas Romanow, Adam was joking around and wanting to practice his new “pick-up lines” that he had come up with. After practicing them on me and us deciding that he should never use them, I expressed how I would rather a guy just come up and talk to me. And that became the title for our song.

Being bullied is, unfortunately, something that a lot of people have in common. Weight of You came from an extremely real place because of my experience being bullied. Not only did it happen to me when I was a kid and as a teenager, but also recently in a professional environment. I used my songwriting and my voice to overcome the situation and let it be known that I won’t be pushed around. I hope that people who have had similar experiences can really listen to the message of this song and feel empowered.

I love every song on the album and can’t wait to share my story through my music. Working with producers Douglas Romanow, Joel Feeney, and Igor Vrabac has been an incredible experience and I’m so grateful to them for helping me bring my vision to life. I’m also grateful to FACTOR Canada for their support on this album and their continued support of independent artists across Canada. Stay tuned for November 8th for the release and November 15th for the album launch party at Lula Lounge!”


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