Sunday 17 November 2019
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Casting Call: KWACKED, Canada’s first ever 5 minute game show

Kwacked is Canada’s first-ever five minute game show!

The fast-paced word puzzle program features contestants aged 12-15 and awards big cash prizes – possibly thousands of dollars – to the best contestants. And even better, the creators of Kwacked are good friends of What She Said Talk and have reserved 20 coveted contestant spots to What She Said listeners!

Kwacked is looking for teams of two who want to be on the show – E-mail

Kwacked wants to tap into the entertainment market for 3-5 minute programs that are appealing to pre-teens and teenagers in Canada and around the world. The program is specially-made for viewing on smartphones and will debut in September on YouTube and the Kwacked website.

Kwacked is filming August 17-20, 2017 in Toronto at Centennial College’s broadcast campus in East York. Kwacked features an amazing and colourful virtual set featuring green screen technology (just like you see in the weather forecasts in your local news). And it has all the game show bells and whistles you’d expect including its catchy theme song, flashing lights, buzzers, prizes, tension and excitement.

Now the search is now on for contestants! And the producers of Kwacked think being a contestant on this brand new game show is a cool opportunity for kids nearing the end of their summer vacations to do something different and fun.

Here’s how the game show works. In the regular round, two teams of two contestants aged 12 to 15 compete to solve short puzzles with answers that are persons, places or things. Each team is made up of best friends or siblings. The teams try and solve the puzzles using clue words that are randomly revealed by our Kwacked computer one letter at a time.

Sample Main Game Puzzle:




Each puzzle solved earns a good duck. Best three out of five games wins the match and goes to the bonus round where the big money can be won.

In the bonus round, the winning team is given a clue to a larger puzzle (it could be a phrase, place, thing or person) and they have 45 seconds to solve it. The computerized game board is now made up of randomizing letters and evil ducks. The contestants buzz in to stop the game board and as long as they don’t land on an evil duck they can choose any of the highlighted letters they’ve landed on to help fill in the missing letters in the puzzle. Land on an evil duck three times and the game is over. Solve the puzzle as the letters are filled in and they win the cash jackpot!

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