Sunday 20 October 2019
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Curvalicious Canada Seeks Curvy Canadian Women


With 75% of Canadian women being a size eight and up, it is now more than ever that the media landscape needs curvy women on the scene. Body acceptance and fat shaming have been all over the news in 2016, with the extremely thin, Selena Gomez, being called ‘fat’ in photos taken while on vacation and Ashley Graham, a plus-size model, being on the cover of Sports Illustrated, body image is changing and being challenged.

It is for these reasons why Curvalicious Canada wants to empower and change the lives of curvy women in Canada through the 2016 Diva Calendar and documented television series. Founder, Tracy Crosson, started Curvalicious Canada to bring more awareness to the curvy community as much of the mainstream media paints stigmas around plus-sized people. Through the 2016 Diva Calendar, Curvalicious Canada is highlighting the magnificence and strength in the curvy girl community; proving that size doesn’t matter and that beauty comes in all shapes.

Traveling Canada, the Curvalicious Canada team will find 12 gorgeous curvy women to be featured in the calendar.  And no, you don’t need to be a professional model to apply. If you’re over 19 and a size 8 or more, Curvalicious Canada wants you. Not only will the 12 women chosen be modeling and featured in a documented series, but they will also act as brand ambassadors for the curvy community. Beauty is only skin deep, so Curvalicious Canada also wants ladies who are vivacious, smart and bold! For more information on the application process, visit the Curvalicious Canada website here


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