Sunday 20 October 2019
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Four Simple Tips for Balanced Hormones by Katherine Parent RNCP, CNP


Many of my clients come to me with symptoms of hormonal imbalance. When we talk about their eating habits, often times it starts off with not eating a good breakfast and consuming copious cups of coffee before the day even begins. A few extra pounds can be easily tied to overdoing it on snacks through the day, then before they know it they’re 30 pounds heavier.

The demands of the day are always put before eating well-balanced meals and snacks, and by the end of the day there is barely enough energy to collapse in front of the television set. After all, what else would you do in the evening (libido, what libido)?

If this is all too familiar, take heart; there are solutions. To continue our conversation about hormone imbalances, here are some nutritional nuggets and simple steps for you:

  1. Stock your kitchen and pantry with healthy staples like fresh vegetables and fruits, great grains like quinoa, brown rice, millet, and buckwheat and gluten-free oats, and super seeds like flax, hemp and chia. For a personalized assessment and tips for your own kitchen, contact us today.
  2. Block out time in your daily routine for sleep, rest, proper dining times (mindful eating), leisure, and personal time. Take time every day for yourself whether it’s to shut your eyes for a cat nap or meditate with a good yoga class. Be cautious about the electromagnetic frequencies around your home, especially where and when you sleep. When you are heading to bed is your laptop, cell phone, TV emanating electromagnetic frequency around you? Contact us today for some tips to manage this.
  3. Choose personal care and cleaning products with few or no chemicals. This is the first place to begin if your hair is thinning, and from there we look to foods, digestion and hormones.
  4. Make it a priority to drink enough water every day. Have a large jug nearby and pour from it throughout the day. Remember, the body is made up of water and if you’re not drinking it, where is it going to come from? Not from coffee!

At the end of the day we all want to wake up full of energy, with clear skin, bright eyes, and shiny hair. We want our food to be digested well, with no upset stomachs. We want to sleep well and have a healthy love life. We want friends and family to ask, “You look great! What are you doing?”

So get a hold of your health and make good choices for a healthier, happier you.

by Katherine Parent RNCP, CNP

Nutritionist, Food Lover, Zest4life Practitioner

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