Tuesday 12 November 2019
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By Cathy Gotfried, 
Head Babe/CEO of Erawan Travel Ventures / Babes in Bali Tours 

1. Culture – to say that Bali is culturally rich would be a gross understatement.  7 CATHY GOTFRIED - OFFERING CLASS FINISHEDThe Balinese are very spiritual, community centered people with grand ceremonies and highly animated, exotic, but traditional events occurring across the island on a daily basis. 

2. Scenery – if you are a photography buff or just love beautiful scenery, Bali is 2 CATHY GOTFRIED - BABES IN BALI AT TEGALLALANG RICE TERRACESTHE place.  The island is “Technicolor” green, filled with luscious river gorges, traditional villages, soaring ancient temples, school children greeting you at every turn, rice farmers tending their fields and spectacular tropical gardens and sunsets. 

3. Cuisine – The Balinese don’t just create great, inexpensive, multi-national and 3 CATHY GOTFRIED - KUMARA SAKTI BREAKFASTdelicious food, but typically every plate is a veritable work of art!  Dining in Bali is generally a highlight (without breaking the bank!) for most visitors.  With many talented local and renowned international chefs working in Bali, the sky is the limit in terms of the types of cuisine or dining experience you desire.   

4. Spirituality – with a population of 4.2 Million, 85% of the Balinese are Hindu.  9 CATHY GOTFRIED - TEMPLE BLESSING TANAH LOT TEMPLEThe Balinese people possess a genuine sense of inner happiness that is perhaps attributed to their strong Hindu faith. There is a fundamental belief in the spiritual world, witnessed in almost every experience that we should always be in balance and harmony with the physical world to attain peace and prosperity.

5. Spas – where else in the world can you spend an entire day being pampered at 8 CATHY GOTFRIED - SPA TUBa Zen inspired spa, overlooking the rivers, rice paddies or sea and including a beautiful lunch for less than $150???   Or for the more adventurous, a beachside massage for less than $10…if nothing else, this alone is a reason to visit Bali.  Just say “Spa-aaaahhhh”!

6. Temperature – Bali is located just 8 degrees south of the equator so expect warm tropical days and nights during your visit.  And if it is winter at home, all the better!

7. Bang for your buck – you’ll feel like a millionaire when you exchange your Dollars to Indonesia rupiah.  $1CAD = 10,000 rupiah.  Bring a big wallet!  Although Bali has created an ultra-luxury market, there are many gorgeous hotels and boutique properties available for those that need to watch their spending. 

8. Temples – with over 100,000 temples, you won’t lack for temple sightings!  5 CATHY GOTFRIED - CYCLING DAYTemples are the meeting points of humans and gods and are a resting place for the gods during their stay on the island. Temples come to life only on certain festival days or at temple anniversaries when they are elaborately decorated to greet the gods with offerings.  Every home also has its own “family” temple for personal worship.

9. Shopping – the entire island of Bali is like a big art colony that just keeps 4 CATHY GOTFRIED - BABES IN BALI BLINGgetting more sophisticated every year.  There are a plethora of local markets where you can discover hidden treasures for next to nothing.  Just make sure to bring an empty suitcase!  If your budget is larger, the jewellery is spectacular and furnishings of all sorts are famous around the world.  How do you spell “shipping container”!

10. Beaches – Bali is an island so you can imagine how many gorgeous beach1 CATHY GOTFRIED - BABES IN BALI AT SUNSETes are there to explore.  It’s also a mecca for surfers so if you’ve always fancied learning to surf, here’s your chance!  Snorkelling, dolphin watching and fresh fish and seafood are added bonuses of this idyllic island…

Of course the Balinese people are the biggest draw to Bali but you’ll have to go there to find out for yourself! 

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