Thursday 14 November 2019
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If a relationship fails, who has to support whom? by Joanne Stewart, Partner at Lerners LLP in Toronto


No one wants to think about a relationship failing but if it does, when it does, who has to support whom? Adults should know each may have an obligation to support the other, and to support your kids together, or kids your partner brought to the relationship. Support obligations can go on a long time, be expensive for the one who pays, be great or not enough for the one who receives, and erode an adult’s will to move forward in another relationship. Child support comes first and we’ll talk about it first. Then we’ll get to support for spouses, if there is time. Did you know that a bio parent has an obligation to support  his/her child. Period. Full stop.  The child may be the product of a one night stand, or a friends with benefits thing. It doesn’t matter. The child support will go on for 18 years pretty much always, usually 22 or 23 years, sometimes 27 or 28. Watch Joanne Stewart’s interview on What She Said! We think it’ll open your eyes!!!

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