Friday 22 November 2019
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What She Said! with Christine Bentley & Kate Wheeler

Introducing Divorce Angels

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When it comes to business, entrepreneurs like Hollywood, love a happy ending. Maybe that’s why there are so many sites and resources available for people going through the traditional ‘happy’ stages of life such as getting married, think the and, and countless sites devoted to new mom’s and babies such as and, but divorce related sites are few and far between. Perhaps it is due in part to negative stigmas associated with divorce.

But that’s all changed now thanks in part to popular catch phrases such as “conscious uncoupling” and reality shows like “Untying the Knot and The Girlfriends Guide to Divorce.” These popular examples have helped pave the way for an innovative new Canadian company called Divorce Angels (, an online support network for people facing divorce looking for information, guidance and a sense of community.

Filled with valuable resources from professionals in the industry including family lawyers, mediators, financial advisors, stylists, life coaches and online profile experts, along with a growing community of likeminded users sharing stories through blogs, live chats and online forums, Divorce Angels is poised to become the online community of choice for anyone experiencing this stressful stage of their life.

Built around the “it takes a village concept,” the creators of Divorce Angels are the friends you need to help get you off the couch, caring for yourself. The site aims to function as a ‘soft landing’ spot giving people faced with divorce the chance to re-define their own version of what ‘happily ever after’ really looks like post-divorce.


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