Friday 6 December 2019
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Liis Windischmann Shares 8 Easy Ways to Start Loving Your Body Without Stepping on a Scale


∼ by Liis Windischmann

There is so much talk about weight, size, calories…but what if we flipped the conversation and started to love our bodies without concentrating on numbers?  There are many simple ways we can tweak the mind-body-soul connection so we are healthier and happier without focusing on dieting or stepping on a scale daily.

Here are 8 easy ways to start loving your body and making the already fabulous you even more fabulous:

Food Is Your Friend – Have Fun With It

Buy fruits and vegetables you have never tried and get your kids involved.  Google how to prepare them and experiment in the kitchen. You will find some new faves and have some good laughs even when you experience a “food flop.”  Find new ways to prepare dishes by buying cookbooks with ways of eating that may be new to you like Paleo, Raw or Vegetarian. Try a healthy restaurant you have never visited to help you get ideas and test the waters.

Buy Organic Fruits & Veggies When You Can

Consult the easy-to-follow Dirty Dozen/Clean Fifteen list from EWG (Environmental Working Group) replacing fruits and veggies with higher pesticide loads on the Dirty Dozen list with their organic versions where you can.  If the higher organic prices are a factor for your budget, try to buy more produce from the Clean Fifteen list.


Buy Inspiring Activewear

Choose colourful clothing to make you feel great about getting out and being active & pick pieces with empowering words for positive energy. Celebrate every accomplishment whether it’s walking around the block with your kids or preparing for your first 5K race! There is no “small” accomplishment.  Addition Elle brings the great vibes on all counts whether you are a hardcore athlete or downward dogging for the first time.


Wake Up Your Skin

Create a habit of awakening your skin with dry brushing or by using gloves in the shower. You will stimulate your lymphatic system and increase circulation throughout your body. With the dry brush, start at your feet and brush in circular motions upwards towards your heart making sure to avoid delicate areas of skin.  If using gloves in the shower, you may want to grab a great body wash and do the same circular motions. There is a great selection of brushes at The Big Carrot for you to discover which texture will work best for you.  You will be amazed at how alive your skin – and you – will feel.  This can easily become an everyday necessity in your life!

Rethink Your Make-up

Start reading the ingredients on the beauty products you use and aim to KISS – Keep It So Simple. My rule is if I read the labels on food, I should also read the labels on my make-up products. Look for products that are healthier for your skin with less chemicals in them – and more pronounceable ingredients!  You skin is your largest organ and needs TLC. I love visiting The Big Carrot because I know it has already done the sleuthing and researching for me.

Get Meditative & Colour

Take a fun, meditative break and calm down your mind, get back to being a kid and colour! There are several beautiful adult colouring books out there…I think I have cleared out the amazing selection at Indigo! Get lost in art by yourself or spend quality time with your kids. 

Create Zen Time

Carve out quiet time before you go to bed or even for half an hour if your partner is out with the kids for the day with a soak in the tub with some candles. Better yet throw in some Epsom salt which provides amazing benefits for your body. No time for the tub? Light a candle for 10 minutes before going to bed, turn off the lights and technology and sit quietly with its calming energy.


Dip Into The Inspiration Jar

Want an easy and beautiful way to infuse good vibes into your life? Pick a favourite container from around your house or head to the local dollar store and find a vase, box or container that suits your décor. With your family members, your partner or friends, write inspiring notes on pieces of paper and fold them up. If several people will be using the same jar, pick a paper colour for each individual. Write body-positive notes for each other and decide how often you will dip in for some inspiration. Have fun with this and make it unique!

Body love champion Liis Windischmann helps women rethink how they think about wellness, body image and style. To connect with her, visit and find her on social media through @LiisOnLife.



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