Friday 22 November 2019
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Lollipops Are Still Cool by Medical Intuitive Tammy Price

When my children were little I was a master at helping them become acquainted with energetic congestion in the body. When my friends were going through trying times, I was a master at helping them become acquainted with energetic congestion. And when I myself came up against trauma … situations that scared me … had me feeling a little resistance perhaps … I was a master at creating energetic congestion in my own body and allowing others to assist in the process.

What is energetic congestion? To understand it helps to know that energy flows freely, uninhibited in the body. Until it doesn’t and when we come up against trauma or experiences that have an emotional component to them, the body’s energy may form energetic traffic jams or congestion in various physical parts of the body.

When it came to my children, from the moment they were born and began to cry I did everything I could to soothe them into silence. As they grew, learned to walk and stumble I kissed their boo boos … game them a lollipop to console them (bribing them into silence). I taught them that smiling was accepted, a beautiful thing – but to cry … ? I taught them that it needed to be cleared up – almost immediately from the moment the tears began to well.

This need to console or be ‘supportive’ started long before I became a parent. I consoled many a girlfriend through relationship uncertainty, job loss or worse. Wrapping my healing arms around them – working hard to shift into a place of laughter rather than sadness. Both soothing them and then humouring them into silence. The tears and emotion moving – sometimes very quickly into a reverse position and right back up and into the body.

Enter in energetic congestion.

When I came up against my own traumatic experiences I took solace in those around me that lovingly volunteered to take some of my pain away – rubbing my back, brushing my knotted hair, massaging my hands and feet. Anything to take the discomfort away, to stop me from feeling the pain in the moment.

Enter in energetic congestion in the form of a life threatening illness because the longer we let it linger, the more significant the traffic jam becomes and at some point the car runs out of gas right there on the freeway in the midst of all the chaos.

My children are mostly grown. They still stumble (as we all do) and the part of my body that remembers what pain feels like wants to take some of that away for them – we’d graduated from lollipops to ice cream and shopping to ‘get their mind off’ of whatever it is at the root of the pain.

But I don’t, my awareness has shifted … my actions along with it.

We’ve come to an understanding … no more kissing the boo boos or sucking on lollipops to divert the feelings – we also don’t rub dirt on the wound and move on.

Instead we’ve become comfortable with crying – FULL out, become comfortable with our feelings around anger and happiness and all of what is in between. We’ve begun to FEEL again and in the process a magical opening, sharing in the feeling together, an authentic way of being with each other. I desire to feel deeply, right down to a cellular level and in the process clear up some of the traffic jams that have built up over time in my body and in theirs and in our extended family and circles of friends.

Lollipops are still cool too … only now … after the feeling has worked it’s way through the body.

Love and light.

Tammy Price is a Certified Medical Intuitive, Best Selling Author and co-founder of Shifting Into High Gear, a multifaceted company deeply rooted in the belief that we have all that we need within to be whole, healthy and happy people.

After coaching 100’s of women on their journey to feeling whole, of owning where they operate from in support of their health, happiness and authenticity, she co-authored her first Kindle book – Shifting Into High Gear: A Guide To Listening To Your Body which became an Amazon bestseller in multiple categories within 1 day of it’s release.

She is the co-creator of the program Heels to Healer (H2H) A Journey to Wholeness, The Practical Solutions Guide For Getting Back Into Balance and co-instructor of Shifting Into High Gear’s Certified Medical Intuition Training Program. Tammy is a cancer survivor, testament and advocate to the benefits of cultivating a deep ‘inner adventure’ practice and living and loving life by the motto ‘You are ALL that you need’.

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