Sunday 20 October 2019
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Millennials Have the Inside Scoop on Social Media


∼by Deidre Breakenridge

As a member of Gen X, touching the border of the Baby Boomer generation, I’m not the demographic using Snapchat, Tinder,, Imgur and Dubsmash. Of course, as a parent of Millennials, it’s my job to know where my “kids” are participating. As a communication professional, it’s also my job to help clients navigate new social media platforms and apps. However, being from a different generation, a lot of my learning is gained through the experience of younger generations.

When you have a question about a new platform and you really want to get the “inside scoop” on quickly proliferating apps, just ask a 20-year old. I’m lucky to have the 20-somethings in my family and they are always happy to share their insights. For example, Snapchat is garnering a tremendous amount of interest. Sure, I signed up for a Snapchat account, but true learning is either using an app actively, or getting insights from those use it daily.

I turned to my Millennials and they shared three reasons why they like Snapchat and, at the same time, why the don’t. 

What do you like about Snapchat?

“All of my friends have a Snapchat.  You can pick people to send your Snaps (multiple people at the same time). It’s the new Instagram. I Snapchat all day long, and I check Instagram occasionally.” 

“I use Snapchat because you can post photos and videos and they don’t have to be permanent. You don’t have to put a lot of thought into the pictures you’re posting. For example, Instagram is more like the highlights of your life or the best moments; it’s an archive. But, Snapchat is done within seconds. I consider Snapchat as a part of my daily life.”

“It’s cool that celebrities are on Snapchat, so you can see what they’re doing, when they post to their Stories [a string of snaps that last for 24 hours]. I’ve added a couple of my favourite personalities and I look on their Stories to see what’s going on in their lives.” 

What don’t you like about Snapchat?

“The “weird” random brand pages. For a while Snapchat felt like an app that wasn’t infiltrated by advertisements. Recently, it feels like an invasion. I just don’t pay attention to these pages.”

“I don’t really like brands on Snapchat, because it’s about real people.  Snapchat encompasses more of a real-life vibe. So, a brand being a part of that contradicts why I actually like it.” 

“However, if I were to actively add a brand (by choice) on Snapchat, then I wouldn’t mind seeing an invitation to an event or a promotion on their Story. Just don’t send me anything directly. A Snapchat is like a text and I wouldn’t want brands texting me either.”

There you have it, right from the source; the Millennials who use and love Snapchat. So, the next time you’re thinking about Snapchat, or any other new popular platform, you have a choice. You can either dive in and experiment yourself, or learn from the 20-somethings, who make these apps a part of their daily lives. 

Deirdre Breakenridge is CEO of Pure Performance Communications. She is an adjunct professor at UMASS at Amherst, a author and the host of the Women Worldwide podcast show. Her most recent book published by FT PRESS is Social Media and Public Relations: Eight New Practices for the PR Professional

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