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Mushrooms Canada & Ontario Beef Recipes

If you’re looking to add some umph to your weeknight suppers, or pizzazz to your family meal planning – look no further than fungi.  Yes, mushrooms!

Mmm! Charmaine Broughton tells us about the benefits of blending Mushrooms & Beef and shares some great recipes you can make at home! Mushrooms Canada Beef Farmers of Ontario

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Did you know:

~ All fresh mushrooms sold at grocery stores across Canada, are grown right here, in Canada (yes, even mid winter)!  Roughly 54% of the county’s total mushroom production comes from Ontario.

~ One portabella mushroom has the same amount of potassium as a small banana

~ Mushrooms are the only item in our produce section with natural Vitamin D

*To learn more about the health benefits of mushrooms click here.



Photo Credit: Meagan Broughton @eattrainadventure

Cheddar Stuffed Saucy Burgers ~ to me, nothing screams summer like a burger hot-off-the-grill.  Our family is a huge fan of all types of burgers, but my Cheddar Stuffed Blend & Extend Burger is definitely a family favourite!  Click here for the recipe.

I’m a huge fan of the method of meal preparation = blending finely chopped (using a food processor works best) Canadian mushrooms (white button, cremini & portabella are ideal) with lean ground Ontario beef.


By blending chopped mushrooms with Ontario ground beef, you:

~ add an additional serving of vegetables to your dish

~ lighten up classic dishes such as: spaghetti, tacos and burgers (just to name a few)

~and extend the volume of your dish = extend portions  *as the mom of two active and always hungry teenage boys, extended portions are a must in my home!

I encourage you to visit for a variety of dishes your family will enjoy!

Here are few of my gang’s favourite Blend and Extend recipes:

Photo Credit: Mushrooms Canada

Cheeseburger Pizza ~ instead of calling for take-out, I say ‘take-in”!  This pizza is a go-to in our home.  During the school year, I make this pizza at least once every two weeks.  It’s a great way to use up and leftover vegetables and any leftover beef/mushroom mixture can be used the next evening to make Taco Salad! Click here for Cheeseburger Pizza recipe.

Photo Credit: Mushrooms Canada

Taco Salad ~ My youngest son’s favourite.  Take advantage the pre washed & chopped salad mixes to make weeknight meal prep a breeze.  Click here for the recipe.  




Photo Credit: Mushrooms Canada

Asian Lettuce Wraps ~ a flavourful (and bikini friendly) summer lunch dish.  Click here for the recipe.   

Charmaine Broughton is a food media specialist and recipe writer for Running Room Magazine.  “I eat, cook & play with food for a living = why I run!!” she says with a laugh.  She’s a regular guest on a variety of morning shows across Ontario, sharing her enthusiasm for all things edible.  Most importantly, Charmaine is the mother of two active, and always hungry teenage boys; Tyler & Colgan.  She understands the importance of preparing healthy, wholesome dishes all while keeping time, budget and her sanity in mind.


Facebook: Charmaine Broughton

Twitter: @runnercharb

Instagram: charmaine _broughton


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