Sunday 20 October 2019
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Power-up Breakfast by Chef Kurt Hein

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According to the Canadian Foundation for Dietic Research, almost 40% of Canadians skip breakfast – the most important meal of the day.  Almost half of us. That’s a staggering number, especially since one of the easiest ways to eat healthier is to have breakfast every day. But we all lead busy lives and mornings are especially busy for most of us and even more so during the summer when our schedules and routines are unpredictable or impacted by travel plans It’s a happy chaos but it can make it even more difficult to find a quick breakfast option that is also healthy.   I created the new Coffee Culture Power-up Breakfast menu for customers who don’t want to compromise their lifestyle choices and who want heathy, delicious options made fresh with the highest quality ingredients. A high-protein breakfast that is rich with antioxidants supercharges your stamina, keeps you fueled longer and sets you up for a successful day ahead.

This menu features a Power Up Breakfast Bagel with 18 grams of protein made with egg, tomatoes, cheddar cheese, avocado spread and served on an asiago bagel. A nourishing meal replacement, the Power Up Smoothie (under 350 calories), made with Greek yogurt, fresh strawberries, blueberries and fruit puree, is rich in vitamins and antioxidants to help boost your immune system. A mainstay on the Coffee Culture breakfast menu is a fresh fruit Greek Yogurt Parfait made with fresh strawberries and blueberries, healthy Greek yogurt and crunchy granola, offering a delicious and easy way to get a heaping serving of protein for an energy-filled day. Beverage options include a European-style Skinnylicious vanilla or hazelnut latte with no more than 60 calories.

In a grab-and-go world, Coffee Culture Café & Eatery is something different: a place where discerning food and coffee lovers can “come for the taste, stay for a visit.” Launched in 2006, Coffee Culture delivers comfortable seating, a warm and relaxing atmosphere, and a unique selection of fresh-made food and beverages hand-crafted in-house – at over 70 locations in North America. Beyond our unrivalled coffee blends and specialty beverages, Coffee Culture’s customers can enjoy a variety of fresh baked goods, made in-house daily and throughout the day, as well as appetizing gourmet wraps and flatbreads – all in a sophisticated and soothing environment

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