Tuesday 12 November 2019
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Protecting your income and your assets – by Cynthia Caskey,

Cynthia Caskey, of TD bank, talks to our listeners about protecting your income and protecting your assets as part of TD’s Friday morning series  “Your Story, Your Future” on What She Said.


” Planning for the unexpected is key in my world, and I think it is among the most highly valued conversations I have. It’s not just about having a plan for you and your loved ones, your needs and wants right now, but knowing that life happens and chances are there could be bumps in the road.

Thinking about how best to create a safety net and how to think about protecting what you’ve worked so hard to create – for yourself and your loved ones.

Women tend to be worriers, and I think the only question in a recent survey on retirement where men worried less than women was on the topic of being bored in retirement!

Seeking advice from someone knowledgeable on how to protect your income, and protect your assets can really help increase your confidence in the future and keep your long-term goals on track.”   – Cynthia Caskey


For those that want to read more or want to start these conversations with loved one, Cynthia has provided some thoughtful questions to discuss in these two documents, PROTECTING YOUR INCOME  and  PROTECTING YOUR ASSETS.

Cynthia Caskey CFA
Vice President, Portfolio Manager and Sales Manager
TD Wealth Private Investment Advice

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