Sunday 15 December 2019
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What She Said! with Christine Bentley & Kate Wheeler

Singleness Is Not A Curse: 8 Ways to Maximize Your Singleness

by Denise Chand and Jennifer John

Singleness is not a curse! Whether single by choice or by circumstances, maximize this time of your life. This is your time to use as you see fit. However you arrived at this point in your life, you choose what happens next. Do you want to remain single? Do you want to meet that special someone? When you know what you want for yourself, you can attract it to your life by becoming what you want to attract.

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 8 Ways to Maximize Your Singleness

The best gift you can give yourself is becoming the greatest version of you. Take time to discover more of who you are and what you truly want for yourself before diving into a new relationship. Who are you? What are the deep-seated dreams in your heart that won’t let you go?

Once you’ve come to the true realization of who you are, you’ll start to appreciate yourself more and make better choices especially when it comes to your relationships. The decisions we make can have a ripple effect throughout every area of our life and we can’t afford to make them solely out of our emotions. Our emotions constantly waver and for this reason we shouldn’t make lifelong decisions based on them.

When you know yourself no one will have the ability to redefine you at your core. As you appreciate who you are, you’ll inevitably make wiser decisions about your relationships. Refuse to allow poor decisions, past mistakes or desperate urges, to destroy your dreams and keep you from your destiny.

There are many ways to appreciate who you are, and one sure way is to maximize your singleness.

1. Appreciate

Appreciate where you are on your journey. If you stop and pay attention to everything and everyone around you, you’ll realize there’s a lesson to be learned right where you are. Every relationship you have has a role to play. The people around you, whether you like them or not, are all a part of your journey.

2. Family

Spend more time with family. You may not get along with all of your relatives and that’s okay. Sometimes relationships can become strained but when forgiveness is needed, forgive. Forgiveness is more about you than it is about others. Keep your “cup” free of bitterness and unforgiveness – the joy blockers.

3. Laughter

It’s said a day without laughter is a wasted day. Laugh more and frown less. Laughter will get you through the darkest hour of your life. No matter what you’re facing, focus on reasons to be joyful. Cultivating an attitude of joy keeps stress at bay. Joy empowers you to overcome challenges. A joyful countenance is far more attractive. A cheerful heart is good medicine for the body, soul and spirit!

4. Friendship

Friendship is a gift. As you would cultivate any other relationship in your life, your friendships also need the same love, care and attention. However, if you have any toxic friendships, now is the time to detox your life and get rid of them. Free yourself of the toxin. Celebrate your friendships. The joy of having good soulful conversations with your girlfriends is priceless!

5. Improvement

Not only does a home need some improvement from time to time to keep it at its best, we also can use some help to become a better version of ourselves, becoming what we want to attract. So whatever the improvement, just do it. If you want to continue your education, do it. If you want to learn a specific dance style, do it. If want to learn a different language, do it. If you want to learn a specific cuisine, do it. The world is your playground, start exploring!

6. Wellness

It’s vitally important to take care of your body, soul and spirit. Start by taking time for yourself. Yes, it’s okay to be selfish at times. Do for you! Exercising is very important so make time to exercise daily. Be active. If you can’t go to the gym, workout at home, walk or jog. Once the body, soul and spirit are in alignment, you’re unstoppable!

7. Dream

Dream BIG! It’s as simple as that. Don’t put yourself in a box by dreaming small dreams. Believe in your dreams because if you don’t no one else will. Don’t be moved by your situation but be moved by your revelation of the endless possibilities that awaits you!

8. Action

Every goal should have an action plan with reasonable steps to be taken. Write the vision down, make it clear, and run with it. A parked car will never get you to your destination. You possess an indomitable spirit, and because of that you can do everything with excellence and produce excellent results! Walk in this consciousness and allow wisdom to guide you. Let no person, situation, thing, or emotion get you off course from your purpose and dreams.

Maximize your single status and enjoy where you are while you get to where you are going.

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