Tuesday 12 November 2019
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The best skin treatments based on seasonal changes

Keeping skin healthy requires year-round maintenance and while post-summer damage is a major concern, it is important to note that all 4 seasons call for special attention in one’s skin regime.   

According to experts at Clarity MedSpa & Laser in Toronto, fall is the best time to hit the reset button on old routines or look to establishing new ones.

“September to November are the perfect months to correct skin from the stresses of summer”, says Chantal Ward, RN.   “This might include reversing accumulated sun damage, purification from the challenges or acne, restoration from over exposure to chlorine or professional exfoliation to clear sunscreen buildup & clogged pores.”   

Ms Ward adds that as temperatures change and central heating is turned on, her clients also notice that balancing hydration can also be a challenge, indicating that it might be time to revisit home skin care products.   With the guidance of an experienced medical aesthetic practitioner, one can effectively & affordably address these most commonly expressed concerns:

“I want brighter, more radiant skin.”
“I’m tired of looking tired…I want to look well-rested.”
“I’ve noticed new wrinkles….what can I do?”
“I just want to look refreshed…and natural”

While prevention and good habits are the first line of defence, many skin issues can be corrected with non-invasive procedures such as Botox®, Xeomin®, Fillers, Photo-Facials, Spectra® Carbon Laser Peel and Isolaze® Acne treatments.

Other treatments such as Ultherapy®, Exilis Elite® or Fraxel® are considered foundational as they create good building blocks for change; these however, will take a little longer for noted improvement.  Regardless, all of these treatments have outcomes that will meet or exceed client expectations. 

Narrowing it down, treatments most often requested are:

Ultherapy® – The only device approved for “Skin Lifting”.  Helps restore laxity, tighten turkey neck, redefine the jaw line, lift brow and shrink jowls.

Spectra® Carbon Laser Peel  (aka the Hollywood Facial).
Great for sun damage, large pores & smoothing of fine lines, reduction of
oil,pigmentations including melasma, and poor texture.
*A single Spectra® Carbon treatment is equivalent to 4-5 chemical
peels…Convenient.  Cost effective and without annoying peeling. 

Botox®, Xeomin® and Fillers:   On their own, or in combination, well placed injectables can restore lost volume, relax muscles in the brow and/or eye areas, enhance lips and redefine the jawline.


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