Friday 22 November 2019
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What She Said! with Christine Bentley & Kate Wheeler

The Portrait Project


The inspiration from telling stories of the creative lives of others has brought twenty2b design to create ‘The Portrait Project’. This initiative brings forth unique moments in order to understand and get inspired from a group of determined women who have captured their work, lifestyle, success, struggles and most vulnerable moments on a Drift Stealth 2 wearable video camera.

Capturing the journey of these women’s lives from all over the world is what inspired the creative team of twenty2b to collaborate with sponsor Drift Innovation in bringing the stories of these exceptional women to life for the beginning phase of ‘The Portrait Project’. This multi-pronged campaign is an extension of twenty2b‘s mission to engage in great visual story-telling.

Meet Josephine Cruz in “Portrait of a Writer”, our most recently released video in this series:

JO portraitJosephine is a freelance writer who had started her writing career at the tender age of 12. She has contributed to publications such as Vice Magazine, Complex Magazine, and her stories have appeared in ‘Chicken Soup For The Soul’.

Josephine speaks greatly about the constant need to produce excellence in her work as a freelance writer. As a result, she has delved into several topics that are overlooked in the world of freelance writers such as the countless hours she has spent creating a piece of work which never sees the light of day.

Being a strong believer in the changing tides of the publisher boys club, Josephine believes her hard work is what makes her stand out in the competitive world of journalism as she states “I think you have to do what you love to do in life because it is such an uphill battle you might as well spend it fighting for something you believe in”.

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