Thursday 14 November 2019
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Thinking of a fall bathroom reno? Evelyn Eshun shares her favourite design tips!


 Thinking of a fall bathroom reno? Here are some of my fav designer tips!

  • Highly polished surfaces will generally provide a more formal look while matte finishes will tend to create a more casual looking bathroom.
  • Typical Minimum shower size is 32” x 32’,  but look for  54” x 36”  for added space and  luxury to your bath space.
  • Look for a average Tub size of 60” x 30”, and remember you must be able to access the faucet from outside the tub.
  • Paint colours in the bathroom should be light and non-obtrusive in order to allow the tiles and stone get center stage.
  • Invest in proper lighting which will give you ample light for functionality as well as ambient lighting to help create your spa away from the spa experience.
  • Installing mirror from ceiling to counter will open up the space visually giving the illusion of more space.
  • Add more than the standard one duplex plug per vanity, you will appreciate being able to charge your phone while  drying your hair and waiting for the hot wax to heat up.
  • Proper ventilation is critical to the functionality and maintenance of your bathroom. Ensure that the proper exhaust fan with appropriate cfm capability ( cubic foot per minute) is installed for the size of your space, especially if you have no windows.
  • Save on your budget by planning to keep the plumbing fixtures where they are, work with what you have and you will shave that bottom line.
  • Though brushed gold is the trend for faucets at the moment, choosing the classic polished chrome will give you a timeless look, and as a bonus, it tends to be the most cost effective finish.
  • Choose a dark coloured grout to avoid seeing dirt gather in the grout lines over time. When  you do so, you create a more graphic look to your space which can add to the design aesthetic.
  • Splurge on counters and plumbing fixtures, these elements will be put to the test daily.
  • Save on tile budget by using a classic white porcelain tile in an unexpected shape like hexagon or diamond, this will give you a customized look.
  • Keep in mind that it will take 6 to 8 weeks to get through the process of renovating the average bathroom and it can cost $10k to $20k for the average bathroom renovation.

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