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Top Getaways for Canadians – by Kathy Buckworth

 Club Med Cancun, Mexico

Club Med Cancun, Mexico

When Canadians are asked where they would go, if they only had one vacation a year (which many of us do, or maybe not even an annual getaway), the top choice was clear; a beach vacation. Given our long harsh winters, across the country, this is not a surprise.

And where are we going? According to, Mexico is the number one choice. Mexico has the advantage of being attractive, travel and cost wise, to Canadians from coast to coast due to it’s east to west orientation. Easterners are drawn to the Yucatan Peninsula, while westerners are known to party it up in places like “Party Vallarty” (Puerto Vallarta), on the Pacific Ocean.

Top 5 International Destinations for Canadians right now:

  1. Cancun
  2. Riviera Maya
  3. London
  4. Puerto Vallarta
  5. Paris

London and Paris are the “big city” destinations that continually float to the top. There can be some great deals to be found for both cities right now; London’s pound continues to suffer in the wake of Brexit, making it a good buy for Canadians, and concerns around safety have significantly impacted tourism to Paris, making hotel rooms and flights quite affordable, particularly in this, the shoulder season for both cities.

But, as I first stated, Canadians are more likely to head for the sun. But besides Mexico, where else are we parking ourselves on a beach?

  1. Mexico
  2. Oahu
  3. Maui
  4. Punta Cana
  5. Palm Springs
  6. Barbados
  7. Montego Bay
  8. Miami

While most Canadians head to hot, sunny weather when the temperatures drop here, booking a sun holiday in the off-season can be a great way to not only save money, but to also visit a resort that is not overcrowded for easy access to activities, as well as the best pool and beachside chairs.  If you’re planning a big family trip down the road, doing a “tester” in the summer months by yourself might just be the way to go. It’s research. Pack your swimsuit, your Kobo e-reader and don’t forget the sunscreen.

PS. Expedia has some great travel deals for Canadians during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Check these out.

Black Friday: Enjoy 1,000 amazing deals up to 50% off on hotels, flights, cruises, rental cars and packages, beginning at 9 a.m. EST. Top coupon savings include popular destinations for Canadians such as Punta Cana, Cancun/Riviera Maya, Paris, Las Vegas, New York and more!

* Deals booked on Black Friday have a travel window of November 25, 2016 – March 31, 2017

Cyber Monday: Save up to 50% on with new hotel deals featured every hour from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. EST

*Cyber Monday deals have a travel window from November 28, 2016 – March 31, 2017

For even more savings – book on the Expedia App, which will offer the best promos on these days. Travellers will find savings of up to 75% on hotel bookings on Black Friday and up to 90% off hotels on Cyber Monday by booking via the app – but act FAST as there’s a limited quantity available!

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