Thursday 14 November 2019
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What She Said! with Christine Bentley & Kate Wheeler
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What She Said Theme Song – by Farahri

cover170x170“What She Said” is a catchy, fun, summer pop-dance song that will have you singing and dancing along with me. The song had such awesome feedback from my team and some big players in NYC that I decided to also release it as the first single off my upcoming EP! I hope it inspires you listening to it as much as it inspired me writing it!

You can it for only $0.99 from itunes today, just click here!

10% of overall digital sales go toward supporting the Canadian Women’s Foundation, which is dedicated to empowering women and girls in Canada to move out of violence, out of poverty and into confidence. What a perfect fit for What She Said and our new them song!

The story behind ‘What She Said’  is an amazing one!

Not too long ago I was interviewed by 2 media heavy hitters, Kate Wheeler and Christine Bentley. I was chatting away about my music and my source of inspiration GPoP, and I think we all had a moment where we realized our purpose behind our passions were aligned! They offered me a chance to write their theme song and needless to say I was honoured. On the way home I was thinking of a million different paths the song could take and then I realized that the main message was to celebrate women. Being a woman is tough, with the multiple roles and responsibilities we have and not always being taken as seriously as we should be because of our ’emotional’ sides, and Kate said something wonderful that really inspired me. She said we as women are so programmed not to celebrate ourselves, especially as Canadians for the sake of humility and what our perceived roles are. That hit deep and I immediately started writing. The lyrics are innocent and as true as they can be telling the story of generations of women. How we’ve struggled, evolved and how we’ve been stepping up to the big stage whether as a home maker or mother or big executive or all of the above. We deserve to be recognized! No apologies, we are amazing and you’re gonna wanna know “What She Said”.

– by Farahri

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