Sunday 20 October 2019
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What She Said! with Christine Bentley & Kate Wheeler
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Why We Scope by Kate Wheeler



So you want to see the world through someone else’s eyes? You can. It’s easy and it’s fun. So easy even Christine Bentley aka #TechnoPhobe has got a handle on it. By “It” I mean #PeriscopeTV at . Here’s a primer on what we at What She Said Radio have learned in our first week as #Scopers.

What is it ? – Live Streaming from anyone, anywhere. Be careful who you follow! – learn how to block people who waste your time. We use Periscope to Live Stream our guest interviews and performances from the http:// Canada Talks Ch167 Studio at


  1. Make sure setting to Save Video to your Device is can upload to #YouTube or wherever later.
  2. Visibility – ensure the Image you see in the preview window is engaging- this will form your “Thumbnail” Image and you want it to be good. (This thumbnail is created from the image seen on the screen underneath where you type in what you’re up to )
  3. Be Direct with what’s being shown and using no more than two #’s is suggested at this time. #WSSTV #NEWMUSIC @aerosmith goes #Country LIVE IN STUDIO
  4. Hit Broadcast and you’re on the keep talking—people are joining you so tell the newcomers what’s going on.
  5. Turn your device sideways to get full screen video..watchers can turn their phones..and you can rotate it on your desktop later or in YouTube editing easily. Tapping on the screen twice flips the careful with audio here, it seems to vary when flipped with each device..test it out with a Private Chat first.
  6. Hit the padlock and select whom will see your Broadcast – yes you can pick and choose who sees it..a whole world of possibilities here 😉
  7. People who watch you are assigned a screen colour and can tell you they like what they’re seeing by tapping the screen- this sends an array of hearts upwards and increases your position on the Live tap tap tap to support #Scopes you like. The video stays up for Replay for 24 hours…you can tap and send hearts in replay too.
  8. When you hit the Broadcast now button all your Twitter followers are alerted that you are live..give them a few seconds to log in and start chatting..if you get an alert and want to tell YOUR followers there’s a great #Scope..swipe up on the Broadcast page and hit the Share button…pass good #Scopes along..remember they stay up for 24 hours and may be watched later.
  9. Blocking people who abuse the Live Engagement Option is swift – and so far no one I have watched has had any doubts about blocking at the first sign of rudeness. It’s your Periscope Feed Use it Wisely..but most of all enjoy the journey. #WSSTV @whatshesaid167 #Periscope

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