Tuesday 12 November 2019
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Win a copy of Kate Hilton’s “Just Like Family”

From the nationally bestselling author of The Hole in the Middle, a witty, insightful new novel about juggling the demands of three husbands — a work husband, an almost husband and an ex-husband — and figuring out the true meaning of family.

Avery Graham has built a life that anyone would admire. She has a brilliant career as chief of staff to Peter Haines, the charismatic mayor of Toronto. She has a devoted partner in Matt, her live-in boyfriend of 14 years. And she has a loving family and deep friendships that stretch back to childhood summers at the cottage.

But when Matt proposes, Avery’s past threatens to engulf her present. Can she contemplate a lifetime commitment to Matt after her disastrous first marriage to Hugh? And is Matt really the love of her life, when she has spent so much of it by Peter’s side? Avery could use some good advice from the women who know her best, but her closest friends, Jenny and Tara, have drifted away over the years.

Out of the blue, a scandal erupts at city hall and Avery is forced to reexamine every choice she’s ever made.  But before she can build a future, she must reach into her own history and overcome her deepest fears about love and loss. Only then can Avery finally discover what it means to be a family.

This contest has now closed – congratulations to Melissa Finn & Doris Humber who both went home with a copy of the book!

Kate Hilton Author tells us about her witty, insightful new novel about juggling the demands of three husbands—a work husband, an almost husband and an ex-husband—and figuring out the true meaning of family:

Posted by What She Said on Monday, June 5, 2017

Kate Hilton is the bestselling author of THE HOLE IN THE MIDDLE and JUST LIKE FAMILY. She is represented by Beverley Slopen, of the Beverley Slopen Literary Agency.  She lives with her two sons in Toronto, where she is working on her third novel.

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